Monday, July 25, 2011

Making new Android project

In the succeeding posts, I will try to present my workflow in developing an android app using the RB Pace Calculator as an example.

Let's start.

From my previous post, Hello Android World! and How to get started?, I would assume that you already have the necessary things to start Android development.

In this time being, below are my development tools/platform.
1. PC - Toshiba R830 (Intel Core i5-2410M, 2.3GHz, 6GB DDR3)
2. Win7 Pro 64bit
3. Eclipse (Helios Service Release 2) with Android SDK tools.
4. Java Development kit (v1.6.0.250)
5. Samsung GalaxyS (Android v2.3.3) - used for testing my apps.


1. Create a new Android project in eclipse.
In this case:
- Project Name: RB Pace Calculator
- Create new project in workspace.
- Build Target: Android 2.2
- Application name: RB Pace Calculator
- Package Name: com.fmvf.pacer
- [check] Create Activity: convert
- Min SDK version: 8
- Finish

2. Design the 'view' of your application.
In this case, I made

Thursday, July 21, 2011

RB Pace calculator

My very first Android app

Are you a runner? Do you use Android phone?
Then this application might be useful for you

Finally, here is my first Android app. It is a simple application I made for runners to calculate for their average pace for a race. Being a runner myself, I thought that this application could be useful to become handy in a runner's phone. It was actually based from an application that I made for my running group's website.

You may download it here.
Android v2.2 and above.

Please feel free to comment, suggest and report bugs in the comments section.