Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finally Upgraded to Gingerbread

I bought my Samsung Galaxy S with the Froyo version installed on it and since the Gingerbread update was released, I was very eager to upgrade mine. The most convenient way to update is to use the Kies software as provided by Samsung. Plug your phone, run the software, and update. That easy! (or just as I thought). It could have been that easy if I had known the problems that can be encountered in using Samsung Kies. 

Tirelessly waiting..
On my first try, I backed up my phone (contacts, pictures videos, etc.) first. When I started the Samsung Kies, it immediately prompt me that a firmware upgrade is available for my phone. And with eagerness, I clicked the "upgrade" button and it started. For a few minutes waiting, I noticed that the status bar was not moving. Thinking that it was just possibly a server or network slow down, I still waited for a few minutes until I finally gave up. Around 40 mins gone, still 0% in the progress bar. Since it is just my first try, it is worth for another one. But still the same thing happened. What could be the problem? My phone? My laptop? Time to ask for help to my friend (Google).

Consulting my friend
So I search for answers over the internet but all I can find are procedures that are the same of what I did.  Another option is to manually flash your phone using Odin which I don't want to try. Although I was tempted to manually flash my phone, I still did not try because I want the official release version. So I kept searching until I came across with a forum with their topic about upgrading using Kies. Someone told that he was experiencing problems in upgrading his phone thru Kies and found out that his internet connection seems to be the culprit. He was using a mobile broadband connection. It makes sense because I am also using
a mobile broadband connection when upgrading. So finally, I sat down at Starbucks for a coffee and upgraded my phone seamlessly. The internet connection was indeed the problem in upgrading since this time, I used wifi connection and it worked!

Guidelines in upgrading your phone

1. Always back up your phone.
  • Back up your contacts, music, videos and pictures using Samsung Kies.
  • You may want to back up your SMS, call logs, system settings, calendars, etc. using MyBackup Pro. Furthermore, you can back up install files of your applications.
2. Use official release versions.
  • To avoid encountering problems on your phone, use the official firmware versions provided by your phone manufacturer.
3. Never use Mobile broadband connection when upgrading.
  • From personal experience, I was unable to upgrade using mobile internet. You may use wifi or fixed lan. (Could only be true up to Kies vesion Later versions may or may not work Mobile broadband.
4. Enjoy a faster performance.
  • Gingerbread upgrade is definitely faster than Froyo on my phone. I experience lags when switching between screens using the Froyo. But now, animations are smoother.

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